Harrison Forbes

He is more than just a boisterous talk show host; pet expert Harrison Forbes has been an animal behaviorist for over 20 years, with an extensive and fascinating background in police dog training in the US, and abroad. His credits to-date include:

  • Forbes is the host of Pet Talk, a nationally syndicated radio show that is broadcast to millions of fans nationwide.
  • Forbes is the go-to guy for national pet stories, including making an appearance on Larry King Live to discuss the Michael Vick case.
  • Forbes is the resident pet expert for the Live with Regis and Kelly show and is a monthly regular on the Fox News Network. His upcoming media bookings include The View, and other media shows.
  • Forbes autobiography, Dog Talk, from St. Martin's Press, is in stores now. Marketing efforts have included a national media campaign, Barnes & Noble/Borders book tour, and PETCO book tour all  traveled in the Pet Talk tour bus.
  • Forbes' groundbreaking Dog Bite Prevention DVD, co-produced with James Gandolfini, will be in stores 2009.
  • Forbes has been involved in the training and importing of over 700 police service dogs.
  • Forbes has trained dogs for films and in Hollywood, including Francis Ford Coppola's film The Rainmaker.


Harrison Forbes
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